Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6DPO of C2

I thought I would post a little update. Not too much has been happening. Also, keep in mind that any DPOs are only guesstimations since I'm not using OPKs or temping. If conception happened implantation should take place over the next few days.

I've had a little bit of cramping, but nothing too drastic. I also haven't felt what I believed to be cyst pain in a couple of days, so hopefully my body absorbed whatever it was.

I hate to symptom spot (SS) but it's inevitable during the TWW. My BBs (breasts) have been a little puffy but I think that's a normal O symptom for me. I've had a minor increase in CM as well, but I'm just taking that as my body getting back to normal since I'm drinking more water. I've been fatigued today and yesterday, but it's probably due to me just getting over this cold. I've also found a website that allows me to input all of my symptoms day by day during the tww and then it compares my symptoms to the cycles of women who conceived and tells you the percentage of women who have the certain symptoms you have on the DPO you are. It's kind of interesting to look at other women's symptoms and compare it to your cycle. There should be a way for me to post a link on here to my profile on there. When I figure it out I'll put it on here some where.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

CD17 of C2

Let me tell you a little story. Back on December 17, 2007 I went to the ER with severe abdominal pains on my left side. I was pretty certain that I had a cyst (I had a very large ovarian cyst removed more than a year prior to this). I was most concerned because the one I had surgically removed was so large, I was told at the time it was removed that had it ruptured or continued to grow at the rate it was the results could have been fatal because it was so entangled in the ovarian blood supply. So, when I had this pain, I was anxious to get it checked out. It was the same side as the surgery and I didn't want anything bad to happen if I ignored it. That day they did a pregnancy test. Probably to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. It came back negative, but I knew it would. My period had started only 14 days before that, so being only 14 days into my cycle I knew I was not pregnant. After some scans and further tests they were able to diagnose me with a ruptured ovarian cyst. I was given pain medication and discharged. I really believed that month of ttc was out based on everything that had happened in the ovarian region. Little did I know that I would be getting my BFP on CD 38 just 24 days later. When I went in for my first OB appointment my doctor had pulled up the tests from December, and he was pretty confident that when I had went to the ER I had either just Oed or was about to.

So, anytime I have bad pain around ovulation I get a little excited because I know that's exactly how things happened while ttc Joseph. I think my ovulating is painful because of the PCOS. Regardless, I have been having some deep, very strong pains on the left side over the last couple of days. Either I have another cyst, or I guess just really painful egg release. I'm not extremely optimistic about this cycle, but what's going on has given me a little nudge in the optimistic direction.

I'm still feeling pretty crummy from this summer cold or whatever it is I have. Haven't had anymore EWCM or anything else really symptomatic. I've been extremely thirsty yesterday and today (which was the first oddity I experienced in my cycle of conceiving Joseph) but I think it has more to do with how much congestion I have (and the scratchy throat the congestion is causing).

Here are some interesting statistics:

  • Only 25% of couples with get pregnant during their first cycle of trying.
  • 50% of couples conceive within 4 months of ttc.
  • 85-90% of couples will get pregnant within 12 months of ttc.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

CD 15 of C2

Very excited because yesterday I started having the EWCM (egg white cervical mucous) that generally happens at O. This is the CM that I haven't had or seem to detect the last few cycles. This is good news. I think my increase in water has helped this to happen. Based on CM and ovarian twinges I believe I Oed late yesterday or early today. Of course without temping/charting or OPKs I cannot be 100% certain, but I'm pretty confident. These means theoretically if conception did not happen AF should begin in 14 days (most women begin AF 14 days after O). This also means we have entered the 2WW. At this point there isn't much to do but sit back and wait and basically become neurotic about every little pang and twinge that happens in my body. Not that I will be doing this intentionally, but it's always hard not to.

I'm not feeling well currently either. These weather changes (from hot to cold and back to hot) are causing head colds or something similar. I had one about a month ago and began having another one yesterday. This one has made me feel crummier than the other. I'm actually running a low grade temp with this one too. We had to leave a friend's house earlier than planned tonight because I was feeling so under the weather. I also had to break down and take some medicine for some relief. I don't like taking medicine especially when TTC because I worry about the affects on conception and also on any baby that may of been created. So, when we are TTC I try to only take medications that are safe for pregnancy just to give me peace of mind, but I still don't like taking them. So, I took some benedryl and some tylenol and although I don't feel incredibly better, I do have a little relief.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CD14 of C2

Still have a few left-sided ovary twinges. They aren't as strong as they have been, so I'm guessing either I O'ed yesterday or will sometime today. It will be hard to pin point it exactly without temping or OPKs.

I've been working on drinking more water. Experts say that can help with proper CM production. Some of you who haven't done much research into ttc may think I'm crazy to keep worrying about CM. But, without a proper amount of CM sperm cannot live for more than a couple of hours. When CM conditions are right sperm can live for 2-5 days, and there have also been documented cases of sperm fertilizing an egg 8 days after bding. The longer the sperm live, the more likelihood of them waiting right at the spot where the egg is released.

So, anyways, I've been drinking more water. Not just for ttc, but to also be healthier. Plus, it'll be good to be in the habit of drinking the correct amount of water for when I do become pregnant, and then afterward for nursing. There's a difference in opinion between experts as to what is the proper amount of water intake during pregnancy, and for post-pregnancy lactation. The consensus seem to be somewhere between 2 and 3 liters per day. So, my personal minimum is 2 liters (which is about almost 68 ounces), but eventually I would like to get to about 2 1/2 liters a day (at least while ttc, pregnant, or lactating) which is about 85 ounces or so. I've done well this week with my 2 liter goal. I'm hoping I can keep it up. I definitely did not drink enough water when I was pregnant with Joseph or while I was trying to nurse afterward. I'll keep you all updated on my water intake goal.

I have a little bit of a sore throat right now too. I think it's because the weather keeps going from hot to cold then to hot and back to cold. It's probably just something to do with allergies.

So, it's just about time to begin the 2ww. This is the toughest time for those ttc. I constantly wonder if things were right for conception, and if every little twinge my body has is somehow related to pregnancy. As I stated before, I just don't think this is the month. I wouldn't mind being proven wrong though.

Monday, September 20, 2010

CD12 of C2

Not too much happening right now. I feel like I have most of my pre-ovulation symptoms right now. Moods seem to have leveled off. Having frequent twinges in my left ovary and some AF like cramps. My breasts are also a little puffy which is normal for just before ovulation for me. No increase in CM though. The next time I go to the store I am going to pick up some green tea. Green tea is supposed to be really good at increasing CM. I expect to be O'ing sometime over the next day or two.

I also did a google search last night to see if I was the only crazy woman out there blogging about ttc. I am not. In fact my blog is quite tame in comparison to some of the others. I found one that had pictures of cervixes (I'm not sure if that's the correct plural use of the word). Don't worry, you will not be seeing pics of my cervix on here. I am also not a cervix position checker. I guess there is a way to check your cervix's position and consistency that will alert you to impending O'ing and AF. I am not one of those chicks. I know that knowledge has lead a lot of women to their BFPs but that part is just not for me.

Friday, September 17, 2010

CD9 of C2

I've been having what feel like AF cramps off and on today.

I also have been extremely moody. I spent last night being very grumpy, and although most of today has been okay, I'm back to being very moody right now. I'm just extremely irritable and emotional. Hopefully this instability in my hormones means something is getting ready to happen in my ovaries. I mean other than another cyst.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

CD8 of C2

I will be using C in reference to what cycle I am on. So C2 = Cycle 2. CD means cycle day. So, CD8 means I am 8 days into my cycle. Also, CM = cervical mucous.

I am counting from when I first began spotting at the end of my last cycle. I'm not really sure if I should be counting from full blown AF or from the 2 days before it really start. So, I'm going to count bleeding (regardless of how minimal) as a new cycle in this case.

So, anyways, here I am CD8. I have to be honest, I'm not sure why, but I don't feel like this is "THE" cycle. I probably just have some leftover pessimism from the end of C1. Maybe I'm wrong. I was never more convinced that I was NOT pregnant than when I was actually pregnant with Joseph.

Nothing out of the norm so far though. Felt a few twinges in my right ovary today. Gearing up for ovulation perhaps. We'll see.

One of the ways I've always known about the time I ovulated was due to an increase in CM. I, however, haven't had an increase in CM the last few cycles. I hope this doesn't negatively impact things. There are certain foods that will supposedly naturally increase CM. So, if it's an issue this cycle I may try some of those.

I've fallen off the eating good wagon. I've gained back 4lbs of the 20lbs I lost. So, I'm trying to get back on the wagon this week. It would be so much easier if the foods that we bad for me didn't taste so darn good.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wishy Washy

So, part of the reason for this blog is an outlet for my feelings and stress. But, I also wanted this to be a place where other women who are TTC can come and know that they aren't alone in their journey. I originally left this blog open to the public for that reason, then I blocked except for people I could allow access, but I'm back to having it open. I've posted this blog on a few ttc sites that I frequent and there's no way for those women to view it without me adding them. I'm going to leave this public so those women especially can visit this.

So, this will be the last warning about this blog. It will more than likely contain some gross details that will be tmi for most of you. Those interested are more than welcome to follow our journey. Again, I will continue to blog on Grumpy Bear Lair and this blog will be completely devoted to the process of becoming pregnant. If and when we get pregnant and make an announcement I will post it on both blogs, so don't think if you don't follow this you won't know when it happens.

Thanks everyone for being interested in our journey of growing our family.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cycle #2

Well, my wishful thinking didn't pan out. The spotting I was experiencing was indeed AF starting. That's okay though. It's a new cycle. A new chance.

I thought of some more acronyms you make see me use on here:

BFP - Big fat positive
BFN - Big fat negative

The above are in reference to pregnancy tests. For example, someone who is ttc may say, "I'm hoping for a BFP." In which they mean that they are hoping for a positive pregnancy test.

But anyways, here we are at the beginning of a new cycle. I'm a little unsure of why my last cycle was so much shorter than previous ones. In fact, I don't think I've had a cycle that short since I was on the BCP. I hope my luteal phase is still long enough for implantation. Especially since I think I Oed (ovulated) on cycle day 20 - that would mean only a 7 day LP (luteal phase) before I began bleeding. From what I've read that isn't quite long enough. But, who knows, maybe my body is still adjusting from the surgery in July.

It seems whenever I have baby fever, everyone is getting pregnant. I know two people who just gave birth, and another two people have just announced that they're pregnant. I've honestly lost count of how many people I know that are expecting. I pray that all of them have happy, healthy pregnancies. I look forward to joining the 'bump' club though.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of TTC

I probably will be using some acronyms that many of you are unaware of. So, let me start by trying to explain some of them. Any ones other than these that I use later on I will try and explain as I go. If I forget to explain one, just let me know and I'll inform everyone of its meaning.

TTC - trying to conceive

AF - Aunt Flo (menstruation)

2WW - Two week wait (the period of time between ovulation and AF)

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (a condition that causes multiple cysts to form on the ovaries - I suffer from this condition. It affects fertility.)

BD - Baby Dance (I'm sure ya'll can figure this one out without any help from me)

There's a few, I'll add more as I use them or remember them. So, just a little bit of info about me. I do, as I stated suffer from PCOS. I was told that my fertility was very good because it only took a year to conceive Joseph and we didn't have to use any sort of medical intervention. PCOS can really screw with the ovulation and also can affect the quality of the eggs that are released. I have had a total of 3 miscarriages. Two of which took place prior to my pregnancy with Joseph and were complete miscarriages (meaning I didn't have to have any sort of medical intervention for them). My third miscarriage happened July of 2009, and was incomplete. Because the miscarriage was incomplete I developed a raging infection, for which I had to be hospitalized. The doctor finally performed a D&C and I recovered quickly after the surgery.

Also due to my PCOS I had a tennis ball sized cyst removed from my left ovary in February of 2006. Because the cyst was so large and had so much of it self wrapped around my ovary, I did have to have 1/2 of that ovary removed. So, I technically only have 1 1/2 ovaries. I am told that the 1/2 of the ovary is still functional. Initially the doctor wanted to remove the whole left ovary, but I fought to keep it. In the end we were able to save part of it.

When we do again conceive I will switch any pregnancy blogging over to my regular Grumpybearlair blog site. This is just a little place for me to write about what's going on in my body and my mind concerning ttc.

Doctors say stress can really affect the ability to conceive, so if I'm able to write about my feelings that will alleviate the internalization of what's going on. If I get it out, I'll feel better, and hopefully alleviate any extra stress, therefore making my body more hospitable for pregnancy.

I'm more optimistic about conceiving this time around because I think one of things that really affected conceiving with Joseph was my long usage of bcp (birth control pills). So, since I don't have that working against me, I think it may be easier this time. We stopped the bcp before my cyst in 2006, because we didn't like the side affects of the pill and found some unsettling information out about it. But, because of my ovarian surgery the doctor insisted I go back on it for a year. Because the 1/2 ovary was so traumatized he was worried that if my body tried to ovulate from that ovary it was cause it to fail and possibly die or become completely inactive. So, since I don't have that against me, I'm hoping it will be easier. We shall see.

I will not be using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) or temping to predict ovulation. I would like to give us a full year of trying before introducing the methods that make BDing less fun and spontaneous. If after a year we have not conceived then we will go that route. My plan is to just live as healthily as possible by exercising, eating well, and taking my prenatal vitamins. I also plan on trying to find outlets for stressful situations (such as blogging) to help in that area. It will happen in God's timing.

Like I stated in my side note, this blog could have a little bit tmi (too much information). I will be talking mostly about my cycle and my symptoms (some of which will probably be gross to those who have not ttc). Actually I'm sure most of my posts will be about my symptoms. It's amazing when you are ttc everything seems like a possible symptom of pregnancy.

I also wanted to write this blog for all those other women out there who are ttc and feel all alone. Not everyone gets pregnant with one time of BDing. Not everyone gets pregnant their first cycle. This is for all the women who actually have to put some effort into it and stick with it. The good news is that 85% of couples will get pregnant within one year of trying.

So, welcome to my journey.

Currently my cycles have been approximately 35 days. I say approximately because when you have PCOS there is never a complete consistency to them. My last 4 cycles have ranged in length from about 34 - 36 days.

This is our first cycle ttc baby number two. I am currently on cycle day 29. I have been experiencing spotting since day 27. I initially hoped it was implantation bleeding (which is supposed to take place between 6-10 DPO {days post ovulation} ) Based on ovulation symptoms I estimate I ovulated around cycle day 20. So, the dates lined up. I didn't experience implantation bleeding with Joseph, but they say only 20% of women will experience it. However, since the spotting hasn't stopped, I am beginning to think that AF is coming and that this cycle is over. I won't give up hope until AF really starts, but it's not looking good.

It's disappointing. I didn't really expect for it to happen the first cycle, but it still is disappointing. I think the number is like 30% of women get pregnant their first cycle. So, the odds aren't with us. We'll get there though.