Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6DPO of C2

I thought I would post a little update. Not too much has been happening. Also, keep in mind that any DPOs are only guesstimations since I'm not using OPKs or temping. If conception happened implantation should take place over the next few days.

I've had a little bit of cramping, but nothing too drastic. I also haven't felt what I believed to be cyst pain in a couple of days, so hopefully my body absorbed whatever it was.

I hate to symptom spot (SS) but it's inevitable during the TWW. My BBs (breasts) have been a little puffy but I think that's a normal O symptom for me. I've had a minor increase in CM as well, but I'm just taking that as my body getting back to normal since I'm drinking more water. I've been fatigued today and yesterday, but it's probably due to me just getting over this cold. I've also found a website that allows me to input all of my symptoms day by day during the tww and then it compares my symptoms to the cycles of women who conceived and tells you the percentage of women who have the certain symptoms you have on the DPO you are. It's kind of interesting to look at other women's symptoms and compare it to your cycle. There should be a way for me to post a link on here to my profile on there. When I figure it out I'll put it on here some where.

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