Monday, September 20, 2010

CD12 of C2

Not too much happening right now. I feel like I have most of my pre-ovulation symptoms right now. Moods seem to have leveled off. Having frequent twinges in my left ovary and some AF like cramps. My breasts are also a little puffy which is normal for just before ovulation for me. No increase in CM though. The next time I go to the store I am going to pick up some green tea. Green tea is supposed to be really good at increasing CM. I expect to be O'ing sometime over the next day or two.

I also did a google search last night to see if I was the only crazy woman out there blogging about ttc. I am not. In fact my blog is quite tame in comparison to some of the others. I found one that had pictures of cervixes (I'm not sure if that's the correct plural use of the word). Don't worry, you will not be seeing pics of my cervix on here. I am also not a cervix position checker. I guess there is a way to check your cervix's position and consistency that will alert you to impending O'ing and AF. I am not one of those chicks. I know that knowledge has lead a lot of women to their BFPs but that part is just not for me.

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