Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to the Wonderful World of TTC

I probably will be using some acronyms that many of you are unaware of. So, let me start by trying to explain some of them. Any ones other than these that I use later on I will try and explain as I go. If I forget to explain one, just let me know and I'll inform everyone of its meaning.

TTC - trying to conceive

AF - Aunt Flo (menstruation)

2WW - Two week wait (the period of time between ovulation and AF)

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (a condition that causes multiple cysts to form on the ovaries - I suffer from this condition. It affects fertility.)

BD - Baby Dance (I'm sure ya'll can figure this one out without any help from me)

There's a few, I'll add more as I use them or remember them. So, just a little bit of info about me. I do, as I stated suffer from PCOS. I was told that my fertility was very good because it only took a year to conceive Joseph and we didn't have to use any sort of medical intervention. PCOS can really screw with the ovulation and also can affect the quality of the eggs that are released. I have had a total of 3 miscarriages. Two of which took place prior to my pregnancy with Joseph and were complete miscarriages (meaning I didn't have to have any sort of medical intervention for them). My third miscarriage happened July of 2009, and was incomplete. Because the miscarriage was incomplete I developed a raging infection, for which I had to be hospitalized. The doctor finally performed a D&C and I recovered quickly after the surgery.

Also due to my PCOS I had a tennis ball sized cyst removed from my left ovary in February of 2006. Because the cyst was so large and had so much of it self wrapped around my ovary, I did have to have 1/2 of that ovary removed. So, I technically only have 1 1/2 ovaries. I am told that the 1/2 of the ovary is still functional. Initially the doctor wanted to remove the whole left ovary, but I fought to keep it. In the end we were able to save part of it.

When we do again conceive I will switch any pregnancy blogging over to my regular Grumpybearlair blog site. This is just a little place for me to write about what's going on in my body and my mind concerning ttc.

Doctors say stress can really affect the ability to conceive, so if I'm able to write about my feelings that will alleviate the internalization of what's going on. If I get it out, I'll feel better, and hopefully alleviate any extra stress, therefore making my body more hospitable for pregnancy.

I'm more optimistic about conceiving this time around because I think one of things that really affected conceiving with Joseph was my long usage of bcp (birth control pills). So, since I don't have that working against me, I think it may be easier this time. We stopped the bcp before my cyst in 2006, because we didn't like the side affects of the pill and found some unsettling information out about it. But, because of my ovarian surgery the doctor insisted I go back on it for a year. Because the 1/2 ovary was so traumatized he was worried that if my body tried to ovulate from that ovary it was cause it to fail and possibly die or become completely inactive. So, since I don't have that against me, I'm hoping it will be easier. We shall see.

I will not be using OPKs (ovulation predictor kits) or temping to predict ovulation. I would like to give us a full year of trying before introducing the methods that make BDing less fun and spontaneous. If after a year we have not conceived then we will go that route. My plan is to just live as healthily as possible by exercising, eating well, and taking my prenatal vitamins. I also plan on trying to find outlets for stressful situations (such as blogging) to help in that area. It will happen in God's timing.

Like I stated in my side note, this blog could have a little bit tmi (too much information). I will be talking mostly about my cycle and my symptoms (some of which will probably be gross to those who have not ttc). Actually I'm sure most of my posts will be about my symptoms. It's amazing when you are ttc everything seems like a possible symptom of pregnancy.

I also wanted to write this blog for all those other women out there who are ttc and feel all alone. Not everyone gets pregnant with one time of BDing. Not everyone gets pregnant their first cycle. This is for all the women who actually have to put some effort into it and stick with it. The good news is that 85% of couples will get pregnant within one year of trying.

So, welcome to my journey.

Currently my cycles have been approximately 35 days. I say approximately because when you have PCOS there is never a complete consistency to them. My last 4 cycles have ranged in length from about 34 - 36 days.

This is our first cycle ttc baby number two. I am currently on cycle day 29. I have been experiencing spotting since day 27. I initially hoped it was implantation bleeding (which is supposed to take place between 6-10 DPO {days post ovulation} ) Based on ovulation symptoms I estimate I ovulated around cycle day 20. So, the dates lined up. I didn't experience implantation bleeding with Joseph, but they say only 20% of women will experience it. However, since the spotting hasn't stopped, I am beginning to think that AF is coming and that this cycle is over. I won't give up hope until AF really starts, but it's not looking good.

It's disappointing. I didn't really expect for it to happen the first cycle, but it still is disappointing. I think the number is like 30% of women get pregnant their first cycle. So, the odds aren't with us. We'll get there though.

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