Monday, October 4, 2010

12DPO of C2

Boy oh boy. Let me just say that I, as I'm sure all women do, hate cramps. What I hate even more is having to suffer through them before AF even comes. So, I get to have killer cramps that make me feel like crap now, and then in a day or two when AF really starts? Really? Fantastic.

My cramps were so bad last night that they kept waking me up. So, then of course this morning I'm exhausted and crabby because I didn't sleep well. I'm still having them this morning. Which is making me an even bigger crank-o-saurus.

I'm a reasonable person and I understand that cramps are just part of a normal menstrual cycle. I just can't stand having to deal with them so severely now and I'm sure just as severely when I finally start bleeding.

Ya know, as if it isn't frustrating enough to have not conceived this month, so these cramps are just like salt in the wound. Then my poor husband came home last night after being gone for three days and I didn't even have the energy from these stupid cramps to stay up with him or spend time with him until he went to bed. Blah.

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