Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CD34 of C2

My cramps started coming back yesterday afternoon. They are still in full swing this morning. I really think AF will start anytime. I wish it would, I hate this feeling like I could be pregnant one minute and then the next feeling like I'm going to start AF. My 2ww is turning into a 3ww. Also, more than likely even if I start AF today, my DH will probably be out of town for my next ovulation. I'm getting a little frustrated.


  1. You're so much more patient than I am about testing! However, I did wait a really long time (the longest I've ever waited) with this one before I tested. It's so much easier (not that it's easy, however) to just start AF instead of seeing a BFN. I'm excited for you though, and hope you get an answer soon, one way or the other; waiting is no fun!

  2. Well, I'm really nervous to get a BFN, because I know I'll be crushed. Also, my hormones ran really low with Joseph, so I would expect the same thing with additional pregnancies. If I remember correctly my HCG at 6 weeks was only like 750ish, (which whattoexpect.com says it should been well over 1000 for a minimum) and at 9 weeks my HCG was like 12,000, but it should have been like 25,000 (as a minimum). I think it's something hereditary too, my mom couldn't get a positive on a HPT with me until she was in her 2nd trimester. So, even if I am pregnant, I don't think it would be positive yet because of my crazy body. So, I'd rather wait then stress out just to find out that I am a few days later. It's hard, I want to know now!! But, hopefully we'll know either way sometime soon. The waiting is killing me!!