Saturday, October 23, 2010

CD9 of C3

I had some EWCM yesterday. I don't think I've noticed it so early in my cycle before. I don't know what my body is doing anymore. I'm just going to try and focus on life and try to make sure Baby Dancing takes place on a regular basis. That's all I can do. Worrying about, and stressing about it will not help.

My DH will be gone next week from Tuesday to Saturday. And then the first weekend in November he'll be gone from Friday through Sunday. That might affect things, but I'm hoping it doesn't. My husband will be leaving for more Army training on December 5th, so we really have to give this Baby Making all we've got otherwise it will be getting put off until almost May.

On another note, I went and stood in front of an abortion clinic with my mother-in-law yesterday. I held a sign that said, "Abortion Hurts Women." It so frustrating to be trying so hard to make another child with my husband and know that women are going into this clinic all day long to kill the child they have conceived. It really angers me. We would love nothing more than to be expecting another child, and don't even care if it's a boy or girl. But these people are going in there and ending these young babies lives. Also, why is it that the Pro-Choice people that drove by swore at us or made obscene gestures at us? We had very young children there showing their support of all unborn children and you need to yell obscenities in their direction? We were not holding grotesque signs. We were not calling anyone names. We were not using foul, obscene, or derogatory language. I mean disagree with us, that's fine. Give us a thumbs down. Say "boo!" or "No!" or something else to get your point across in a less obscene way. Why is it that the group of Pro-Lifers I stood with was able to get their point across in a calm, unoffensive way, but the Pro-Choice people who disagreed with us couldn't show any of the same rationale? I know not all Pro-Choice people get their point across that way, but for those who do, it's pretty immature and inappropriate.

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  1. Hope things work out with this cycle. About what you said about abortion, I really understand where you are coming from, even if I am pro-choice. Shortly after my missed miscarriage (and subsequent D&C), I had rented out 'Cider House Rules' without knowing anything about the plot. Its about a little orphanage in Maine where women either came in to have illegal abortions (it was 1930s) or to deliver the babies they did not want and hand them over to the orphanage. It was incredibly painful to see the women who did not want their children, it was like I was watching people from another planet, how can you not revere and be ready to do anything for what you have inside you?

    Watching the orphans was actually worse, that movie was wrenching on so many levels. Not the movie to rent after a miscarriage, for sure.

    That said, and although I cannot understand a woman choosing to end a life and probably cannot even stomach somebody doing it for some of the shallower reasons, the right to choose and legalized abortions must stand, for too many reasons to count. Though everybody is welcome to their opinions, I definitely agree that militancy is no way to go about it.