Monday, November 1, 2010

CD18 of C3

I'm a little frustrated at my lack of ovulation symptoms. Had quite a bit of CM yesterday, but none today. I haven't been crampy or really feeling like ovulation is getting ready to happen at all.

This is our last real chance before DH leaves, and I really hope my body doesn't choose this month not to ovulate at all. That would really suck!

So far this cycle I've found out about 3 more people who are expecting. I'm really happy for these women, but I'm also a little sad. I went through this a lot while ttc our first. I'm ready to be pregnant, and I'm ready to add to our family. Honestly at this point if I were to write down everyone who is expecting I think I would have close to 20-30 names. I know we're only on C3 but I want it to be our turn!

DH leaves on Friday for military drill. He'll be back on Sunday. Hoping ovulation doesn't hold off to the weekend and then we miss the little eggy again.

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