Monday, November 8, 2010

CD25 of C3

Well, I'm having major ovulation/cyst cramps today. Sometimes when the cyst pain is really bad I feel nauseous. I woke up feeling nauseous on top of crampy today, so either I ovulated recently and/or I am working on one or more major cysts. I'm hopeful that I was able to produce a healthy, viable egg before my body started working on a cyst. I guess time will tell. If AF is as long as last cycle it should be here in 12-13 days.

I hate this part of it. This is a waiting game. I'm sure at this point we've done all we can do and we just have to be patient. This will be our last real shot at another baby for awhile so I'm praying really hard that this cycle is it.

I just wish this process was more certain and guaranteed. I hate this uncertainty. I know we'll get there even if it's not this cycle, but I really want it to be this cycle.

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