Thursday, November 25, 2010

CD9 of C4

Nothing really to report. I've had extremely bad cramps and heavy flow this cycle. It's come to a stop now except for the occassional nasty cramp. These cramps were so bad I think I would have rather gone through labor. But, I think it's all stopping now.

My DH is leaving in about 8 days. I really don't think we have a high chance of making a baby in that time. I think I am going to get some dollar store ovulation tests to take just to see if I can get a positive OPK. That would give me some piece of mind. Honestly we BD enough that as long as I'm ovulating there shouldn't even be a chance of that little eggy getting missed. But, I think seeing a nice dark line on an OPK will make me feel better.

Once I get the benefits squared away I will go in to the OB/GYN and make sure I won't need some help with ovulation. I'm sure everything's fine. My body is just working extra hard on making another extra special egg (like the one that Joseph developed from).

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