Tuesday, December 21, 2010

CD35 of C4

Every time I feel a little trickle and run to the bathroom expecting AF to have started, there is nothing there. I am so happy.

I am having a few light AF like cramps, but I'm not letting this discourage me.

If I make it through Thursday afternoon without AF showing up, I will go and buy a test to use Friday morning. I can't buy a test before then because I will use it as soon as I get it home.

I really, really hope this is it, and we were able to make a baby. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Also, some food for thought:

Length of cycles (since we've been ttc baby #2)
C1 - 30 days
C2 - 36 days
C3 - 34 days

We are on CD 35 now, I just have this feeling if I can make it past tomorrow it will seem so much more real. It will either be a pregnancy or my longest cycle yet.

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