Monday, May 16, 2011

CD14 of C5

Not so much ovarian cramping going on now. Lots of EWCM though. It's a little frustrating because a lot of times when I have more EWCM my nose is extra mucusy (is that a word?) too. I think your body doesn't know which mucuses to increase so it just increases it everywhere. But I guess if I have to deal with a runny nose in order to get pregnant I can do that.

I had stopped visiting my ttc forum while my husband was gone. It just made me sad that we couldn't even ttc and I didn't want to see all sorts of posts from people who could still ttc. So, now that we are back to ttc, I'm back at my forum. It's really interesting to meet such totally different (yet the same) people. We aren't the only couple ttc and not succeeding at it accidentally as so many people claim to.

So anyhow, I'm breaking out really bad right now, and it's got to be the extra hormones kicking in. That coupled with the pains I had a few days ago and the EWCM makes me think an eggy is getting ready to be released. Keeping my fingers crossed for an extra awesome eggy this month.

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