Saturday, May 7, 2011

CD5 of C5

AF is coming to an end. This cycle has been a bit different than my normal cycles. Normally I have killer cramps during my whole AF. I only had to take something for cramps once (so far). I wonder if this cycle is still a bit off because of what my body went through during March.

DS is really interested in becoming a big brother. He asks for a baby sister fairly often. But he has told me he is "okay" with having a baby brother too. I'm trying to prepare him for the time when a baby will be here. I know he will be a fantastic big brother.

I was watching a pregnant flash mob dancing (on you tube) last night. My husband saw what I was doing. He then told me, "Don't worry I'll get you pregnant soon." It lifted my spirits. I'm glad that he knows how I'm feeling and that he is looking forward to another pregnancy and addition.

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