Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CD11 of C6

It's frustrating all this ttc business if you are trying to let nature just take its course without any interruption from you. I dont' have a clear cut answer about when I'm ovulating. I'm said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm not temping, using OPKs or anyother fertility monitoring devices right now.

I really feel that some of those devices can take the "fun" out of ttc. I don't want ttc to become a mechanical action. Our lovemaking isn't just about making a baby and I've read so many stories on so many blogs and forums about that problem. I've read about so many women that will only have sex when they are ovulating and no other time during the month. I wonder if those partners and husband's feel just they are on a stud farm?

Don't get me wrong. I know those who are conceiving with donor sperm (with or without a partner) or through any other means of artificial insemination must time it just right. But I'm reffering to those women who can have sex but only choose to have it during a 24-48 hour window every month. For us at least, I don't want sex to become predictable and less fun.

We've discussed and made the same decision we did while conceiving DS. We will give it a good year of trying without any extra interventions. If we reach a year of ttc without success we will slowly mix some of those extra predictors of ovulation in. I conceived on the 11th cycle with DS, and we conceived an unexpected (and untried for) pregnancy the summer of 2009 that unfortunately ended in a partial missed/retained miscarriage. That unfortunately was not our first miscarriage. So we know I can conceive. I think it's just about catching that perfect little eggy.

And if I'm being completely honest we DTD frequently enough throughout the entire cycle that if there's a good egg there there is no reason we shouldn't catch it.

I'm resigned to the fact that God has a special little one planned for us and it's just not the egg/sperms turn yet. We'll get there.

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  1. I feel your pain and frustrations. As far as OPK's and temping go, it is time consuming, boring and frustrating. I hope that you don't have to resort to any of these tools.