Saturday, June 4, 2011

CD33 of C5

I am having a hard time speaking in coherent phrases while using the computer. My brain seems to be under the impression that as long as I complete a thought in my brain and only type some of the words people will still understand me. Let me clarify my last post from yesterday since I'm under the impression you all are inside my brain and can hear all the thoughts I'm having. :)

If I make it through today that would mean that this cycle has been a complete 33 days long. My next (meaning the last one over 33 days) longest cycle (that being over 33 days) is the one I had that was 42 days long that started in November (and as we all remember just because I have a super long cycle - that is no definitive diagnosis of a pregnancy). So I was just trying to elude to the fact that over the last few months my cycles have been 31-32ish (mostly) and that if I make it through today without starting this will mark a cycle of (currently) above average length. I hope I made more sense this time.

That being said.. I am still waiting for AF to arrive. I tend to spot a couple days before things really get going and I haven't even started spotting yet. I was feeling pretty queasy and got a raging headache last night. I'm still having an increase in CM as well. Still a little bit of cramping. But again (as I stated above), I've been there with that super-duper long cycle and although I'm wanting to be excited, I'm also trying to guard my excitement for fear that this will all come to an end today (or in 10 days).

Now this morning DS and I are heading to the zoo with the church. The zoo is always over-populated with blossoming and expanding baby bumps. Baby fever always makes zoo visits a little bit more challenging.

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  1. Thank you ma'am for the clarification! :) Excited to watch this unfold. :)