Monday, July 18, 2011

CD15 of C7

Well, I've been trying to keep up with drinking my green tea. I, however, am experiencing some weird side effects from it. Since I've been dieting I've eliminated all pop and therefore am not drinking caffeine on a regular basis. So when I started drinking huge amounts of that green tea it started giving me some anxiety and making it hard to concentrate. I can only assume it was the caffeine. So, I'm still drinking it, I'm just drinking only 6-12 ounces a day.

Also, I'm pretty sure I got a positive on my OPK for yesterday. I'm going to wait a couple days and see in the lines start getting lighter on my OPKs before officially deciding if it was or not. Since I've never really used them long enough to get a positive I'm a little unsure about it. If my tests don't get darker and start to lighten we'll count it as positive. Once I am more certain about ovulation date I will switch headings over to DPO.

I had some spotting yesterday too which I've read about 30% of women can experience at ovulation. Although I don't think I've ever noticed it before it could be another indication of ovulation happening yesterday.

I'm still pretty optimistic about this month. :)


  1. Have you tried the digital opks? SOO much better! I hated trying to guess with those lines on regular opks. Pain in the butt! Also I have been trying to drink red raspberry leaf tea since it's supposed to strengthen your uterus or whatever.. I cannot do it! Tea is absolutely disgusting to me and I almost get physically sick from it LOL even with sugar and honey! I am just not a tea person lol.

  2. woohoo! and he's home right now, right?

  3. @Emma, yes he is!! We've been together since Friday so there's nooooo way whatsoever that timing will be an issue this month. (Not that I really thought it was). I must admit it was really nice to have some slight confirmation of ovulation. I know there's no guarantee that I ovulated even with an OPK but I feel more at peace about whether or not I am.

    @YoungandInfertile, I haven't tried the digi OPKs yet. I do admit I do not enjoy the deciphering of these tests. I may have to give the digis a try after I use up these regular cheapies. I'm glad I'm not the only one not really enjoying the tea 100%. Oh the things we do to get pregnant! :)