Friday, July 22, 2011

CD19 of C7

So when I tested yesterday evening (like I said I would on the previous entry) my OPK was still glaringly positive. Of course like the neurotic I am I scoured to the end of the internet looking for how many other women have more than 1 day of positive OPKs. Of course I was doubtful of even getting a positive when I started this and to have two days in a row I figured something must be wrong. But I was assured by the women who play doctors on the ttc forums that only when I got over 3 days in a row of positive OPKs did I need to be concerned. According to my research, PCOS will cause lots of days of positive OPKs, and since I have this condition I was expecting multiple days of positives and then no real conformation of ovulation.

I think my weight loss may be helping the PCOS. Of course I'm just assuming, I haven't had my PCOS monitored in quite a while. But today when I tested (twice - Remember what I said yesterday? I've become a POAS-addict/aholic) my OPK was negative.

I spent so much time googling yesterday my DH came up and said, "Are you trying to find out ways to help us get pregnant?" He's a good guy, and he is working hard (literally and figuratively) to get me pregnant. I'm glad that he's in this with me. I love him a lot (not just for this, but for so many other reasons).

Oh and I forgot (well not really forgot, just omitted) that I began temping again. I know my plan was to not use the OPKs and to not temp until we've failed at 12 cycles but in my defense next month is a year from when we started cycle 1 (so stop judging me! LOL!). And I'm neurotic and a worry wart and was thinking I wasn't ovulating, so now I should have some sort of confirmation. But anywho, I've been temping (only for 3 days) but I got a definite drop in temp this morning and that along with the positive OPK last night should signify that ovulation has indeed taken place.. That is of course as long as my temp goes up tomorrow morning. Rest assured, me and my neuroticism will be sure to update you on that tomorrow sometime.

I also wanted to mention I've been a really good girl this cycle. I've drank green tea on a regular basis, trying my best to drink buckets and buckets of water every day, and I've not missed a prenatal vitamin this cycle. Speaking of prenatal vitamins, I got a different brand at the store and I'm pretty sure it's making my pee neon yellow. And when I say neon, I mean NEON.

My optimism has returned (if only briefly) for now. I ovulated right along with one of my blogging buddies, and I hope you are right YoungandInfertile, this better be both our months! And ConstantlyHopeful, I know we are cycle buddies, and it would be amazing if we could be due date buddies. I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'm just so ready! And Emma, I know you aren't ttc right now, but I appreciate your prayers and support so much. And to anyone else who comments on my entries, or knows what's happening - thank you. I appreciate all the love, all the prayers, and all the support. I'm so glad that we aren't going through this alone.

My mantra this week? "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming." Thanks Dorey. :)

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  1. Hehe, my prenatals make my pee neon yellow too! lol! I am pretty sure I ovulated thursday night/yesterday morning too since my temp spiked today. Hopefully we are due date buddies this month too!!! I am just as neurotic as you are, so don't worry!!! Hehe! Remember, just keep swimming!!!!