Saturday, July 23, 2011

CD20 of C7 (1DPO)

Okay, I had a big temperature spike this morning. So basing that with the positive OPK, the temp drop yesterday, and the temp spike this morning; I am counting yesterday as my ovulation day. It probably took place sometime between my evening OPK on Thursday and when I temped on Friday morning. So that means today is 1DPO (1 day past ovulation).

The neurotic that I am will test one more time this afternoon to be sure my OPK is still negative (it's a good thing I got a good deal on them from Amazon).

I still have a bit of EWCM and I'm still crampy. But considering I've cramped every day this cycle I'm not surprised.

ConstantlyHopeful, we must definitely be cycle buddies since we are marking the same day as ovulation day! :)

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