Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CD24 of C7 (5DPO)

I saw a dip in my temp yesterday at 4DPO which after some research via Google found out is called a corpus luteum dip. It's not indicative of pregnancy or non-pregnancy. It's just something that happens with the corpus luteum as it's releasing progesterone after ovulation.

I, however, do not think my last 2 temps are the most accurate. One night I was up going to the bathroom about 4 times and then last night I was up with DS. I know for your BBT chart to be accurate your temp should be taken at the same time every morning without any interruptions. Unfortunately that is not always possible.

I've been tired the last two days, but I've also had my sleep disturbed so I don't think I would tie it to an early pregnancy symptom just yet.

EWCM has returned in full force today. This is a normal pre-menstrual symptom for me. So is the excessive thirst and headache I've been feeling.

I'm still really crampy. Surprise, surprise - right? I'd like to think they are implantation cramps but it's a little early for that. Implantation normally takes place 7-10DPO so I still have a couple more days I think.

Fertility Friend (FF) the place where I record my BBT every morning has some of my old cycles from when we were TTC DS stored as well. So it averages out my cycle length, luteal phase (LP), and ovulation day. According to FF my average LP is only 11 days. Which seems a tad short to me, but seeing as how this is my first cycle I've recorded while trying for baby #2 that statistic may be off. Especially since it's taking into account cycles from over 4 years ago. I'm sure my body has changed since then.

If I have a cycle as long as I did last month AF will be here in about 5 days.

I'm really also glad to have two cycle buddies. ConstantlyHopeful and I O'ed the same day and are both 5DPO and then my other cycle buddy YoungandInfertile is a little ahead of us as 7DPO. Both of my cycle buddies have been ttc much, much longer than we have. If you have the time please say a prayer for them. They so deserve to get their BFPs!

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