Saturday, July 30, 2011

CD27 of C7 (8DPO)

So, I'm getting nervous because my last cycle was only 29 days. We're encroaching on that number. If I only get to CD29 that will more than likely not be a long enough luteal phase. So, I'm hoping I get to at LEAST 11DPO. Please, please, please.

Where to start? Well, I'm still crampy. My cramps now feel kind of colicky if that makes any sense. They are extremely low. And depending on what part of the day it is I bounce back and forth between feeling like they are just like AF cramps or a little bit different.

I've been running a low grade temp several days now and although I had that symptom with DS, I've had cycles since trying for this baby and had the same thing and nothing came of it.

I'm extremely thirsty, which we all know is a common symptom for me around this time.

My CM comes and goes. One day it's heavy and constant and the next, like today, it's pretty much non-existent.

I've been battling a headache for many days now. I don't want to take anything just in case it's an early preggo symptom. Yes, I know Tylenol is supposedly safe, but I'd like to take nothing if I can.

My dreams have been vivid. And I keep dreaming of getting my BFP, but that is also common for this part of my cycle.

I did experience what I feel was an implantation dip on my BBT chart and then a rise the following day. Although this tends to happen more often in charts of women who were indeed pregnant, it can still happen in women's charts who aren't. So, I'm trying not to read too much into it.

My stomach has been off all day too.

I really feel like AF is coming, and I'm not as hopeful as I once was. If you pray, please continue to pray for my cycle buddies Liz and Carrie. And you can throw in a little prayer for us too if you have the time.