Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CD26 of C8 (11DPO)

Well, I've tested. Officially they are all BFNs. I swear though that I saw a whisper of something pink on my test last night. But considering I have line eye (it's a common malady brought on by TTC so long) and I don't trust it.

I'm out of tests. I've ordered more, but they won't be here until Thursday afternoon and I won't be home until Thursday evening. So, if AF is not here by then I will test on Thursday night. I will be 13DPO by then. If what I saw last night was truly there it should be much more definitive by then. So, we wait and we see.

Last night I couldn't be more convinced that AF wasn't coming and this morning I couldn't be more convinced she's on her way. I probably got my hopes up too much last night and they were completely crushed with my stark white BFN this morning.

We will be moving in October so I keep telling myself it's better that I'm not pregnant because that way I won't have to take it easy when it comes time to move.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

CD23 of C8 (8DPO)

I've been having some cramping a low backache the last couple of days. But that's pretty common for me at the onset of AF.

My BB's seem back to normal. They haven't been tender or puffy today.

My DH will be gone most of the month of September. He may be able to come home on the weekends, but we don't know for sure yet. That means we might be on a hiatus next month.

I plan on testing on Monday at 10DPO.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CD19 of C8 (4DPO)

What's with these sore BB's? I actually had to keep one arm across my chest while I worked out this morning. They are definitely bigger than normal right now too.

I have no CM. Like none at all. It dried up on Saturday and actually has made BDing a little challenging. I'm thinking I didn't get enough green tea in since I ovulated much earlier than I expected.

I had a little bit of cramping while I was working out earlier too. But nothing compared to the amount of cramps last month.

And I've been freezing for the last few days. I am always hot this time of year, but for some reason I'm freezing. And I also had a headache from hell last night.

Okay, okay.. I think I'm done complaining.. At least for now.

Monday, August 22, 2011

CD18 of C8 (3DPO)

According to my BBT chart I ovulated on Friday. That makes complete sense because I got my one positive OPK on Thursday. That makes me 3DPO today.

It's way too early for any legitimate symptom spotting. The only thing out the ordinary right now is my sore BB's. I've had them for several days now and that's weird because I usually don't even get it as a PMS symptom. They are puffy and tender. It's obviously the hormones, but it's definitely uncomfortable.

But that's really all that's going on thus far. Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

CD14 of C8 (Part 2)

Here are the pictures of today's OPK as promised. Test line is on the left, please note that the test line is darker than the control line once again.

I've also noticed that my BBs have been tender since last night. They are so rarely ever tender so I'm hoping this will prove to be a good sign.

CD14 of C8

I got my positive OPK today!

It's 3 days earlier in my cycle than last month. I wonder if my body is trying to get to that average 28 day cycle. I am so happy I started using my OPKs earlier, it's really possible that if I waited to start testing tomorrow I may have missed it.

I did take a pic but I'm not home right now. So when I get home I will post the pic in all it's positive glory.

And for those wondering, yes, my husband is in town. So hopefully we can catch that little perfect eggy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CD13 of C8

Wowza! My OPK is almost positive. I will be surprised if it is not positive by Friday.

I've not been too crampy this cycle. A couple days of a few cramps but not too much. Lots of EWCM though. And when I say lots, I mean LOTS. I've begun jogging this cycle and I wonder if that extra exercise and cardio is increasing my CM. Hmm.. Who knows? I don't mind it thought because I know the more of it there is the longer those little guys can stay alive in there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CD12 of C8

I began drinking my green tea last night. And I will continue through ovulation.

I've been feeling a little crampy and having a lot of EWCM the last few days so I thought I better take an OPK to be safe. It definitely wasn't positive but it is on it's way. Depending on how my EWCM is tomorrow I may just start taking them now versus waiting until CD15 and possibly missing my surge.

Not much else to mention. I only have three HPTs left and I am not planning on buying anymore until after AF starts. So I am going to pace myself with them. I'm trying not to be quite so crazy this cycle. I've just been focusing most of my attention on my workouts and diet this month.

I've been temping still but I think my thermometer is about to die. I know you aren't supposed to switch thermometers mid cycle so I'm not really sure what to do.

Hope everyone is having a great August. Sunday was DS's birthday and he turned 3.

Friday, August 12, 2011

CD8 of C8

So here we are. Eight days into our 8th cycle of ttc.

I didn't get my pedicure like I planned. Instead I rewarded myself with a meal that I don't usually allow myself because it has too many calories. I will get my pedicure in September though. I have to stop rewarding myself with food. Otherwise I will never get to my goal weight.

I think I will start using my OPKs at CD15. I will also begin drinking my green tea at about CD12.

Yesterday I went through my friend list on FB. Out of my 220ish friends 60 people on there have either welcomed a baby or gotten pregnant within the year we've been trying. That's more than 25% of my FB friends. It frustrates me. It really does.

But I'm trying to be logical about our pregnancy loss in 2009 and also about the fact that I am still NOT pregnant. I'm thankful that I won't have to work outside the home during another pregnancy like I did with the previous ones. Even though each month has been met with sadness and disappointment, it's given me an opportunity for another month of weight loss. More weight loss means a healthier me when I finally do conceive. Also, when we started ttc I started socking away a few bucks a week towards things we would need to purchase before a baby is born. The more time it takes to conceive the more money I'm able to save. We have more than enough to buy a new crib and pretty much everything on my list thus far. Any extra money we set aside that doesn't get used for a new baby's things will go into a college fund for that little one.

I can't continue to lose weight while pregnant. So when I get AF I see it as at least 4 more weeks of being able to shed as many pounds as possible. I'm 11 pounds away from no longer being classified as obese. As much as I want to be pregnant it would be so much better for me and baby to be far enough away from the obese category that any pregnancy weight gain doesn't push me back into dangerous territory. For any of you who don't know I suffered PIH with DS and had to be put on bedrest at 30 weeks and induced at 36 weeks. As a result DS spent a week in the NICU and could never properly breastfeed (which means this poor Mommy pumped for 10 months - which is when my supply finally dried up).

I'm really excited to say that Carrie is my cycle buddy again. I'm hoping we both ovulate around the same time again. Liz is taking a few months off per doctors orders, but hopefully when she can ttc again we will all be cycle buddies again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

CD1 of C8

AF arrives on the cusp of 3 pregnancy announcements on FB this week. To say that I'm feeling just a little bit like life is not fair would just be the tip of the iceberg.

We know I ovulated in C7 and according to FF my LP was 13 days. That is a perfect LP so that is good news.

One of my cycle buddies, Carrie, has begun her AF as well. My thoughts and prayers go to her and her DH. My other cycle buddy, Liz, is still holding out so hopefully there's still a chance for her BFP.

Some things have happened and there is a possibility that my DH may not be home for ovulation this month. I will hopefully have more details as things unfold.

I plan on temping and using OPKs again this cycle.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CD31 of C7 (12DPO) PART 2

I have begun to spot. That means AF will be here sometime between now and Friday.

I'm sad. No, not sad. Crushed. Yes, that's a better word. I feel defeated and broken.

But we do know that I ovulated this cycle (which is a plus). My husband will be on orders and away for most of the month of September, but if I ovulate on the same CD in August (CD19) as I did in July we may have a chance to catch the egg before he goes. September will more than likely be out though.

My two cycle buddies are still in the running and I hope and pray they still get their BFPs this cycle.

We have now currently been ttc for over a year.

CD31 of C7 (12DPO)

I'm having pretty severe cramps. I will be very surprised if I do not start spotting sometime today.

My BBT chart still looks okay (the link is on the right if you want to check it out). I'm still running a low grade temp, and I'm still very thirsty. I'm tired, but I'm also the mother of a nearly 3 year old, so that could explain it.

I got another BFN today. I've decided I will not be testing again unless I get to Friday morning without any spotting. If I make it to Friday morning and AF isn't showing any signs of coming yet I will test. But I'm sure by then she'll be here or I'll at least be spotting.

My two cycle buddies have yet to get their BFPs either. Please continue to pray for them as well.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CD30 of C7 (11DPO)

I wish I could say I knew what was going on within my body. I wish I could say without a doubt that I'm pregnant or that AF is on her way. But I can't. I don't know what I feel anymore.

Two days ago I was completely convinced I wouldn't make it through the day without AF appearing. Now I don't know.

I'm still crampy, but either I've gotten used to it or they aren't as strong and constant as before.

I'm still running a low grade temp.

And then other than my mood swings which are not uncommon for this point in my cycle - I've got no symptoms one way or another.

My BBT is kind of that way too. It's not real low and it's not real high. I just feel like there's no true answer.

I've tested and only had BFNs.

So, who knows what's going to happen. If my cycle is going to be the same length as last month's I'll start today. I'll keep ya'll updated.