Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CD19 of C8 (4DPO)

What's with these sore BB's? I actually had to keep one arm across my chest while I worked out this morning. They are definitely bigger than normal right now too.

I have no CM. Like none at all. It dried up on Saturday and actually has made BDing a little challenging. I'm thinking I didn't get enough green tea in since I ovulated much earlier than I expected.

I had a little bit of cramping while I was working out earlier too. But nothing compared to the amount of cramps last month.

And I've been freezing for the last few days. I am always hot this time of year, but for some reason I'm freezing. And I also had a headache from hell last night.

Okay, okay.. I think I'm done complaining.. At least for now.

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