Tuesday, August 30, 2011

CD26 of C8 (11DPO)

Well, I've tested. Officially they are all BFNs. I swear though that I saw a whisper of something pink on my test last night. But considering I have line eye (it's a common malady brought on by TTC so long) and I don't trust it.

I'm out of tests. I've ordered more, but they won't be here until Thursday afternoon and I won't be home until Thursday evening. So, if AF is not here by then I will test on Thursday night. I will be 13DPO by then. If what I saw last night was truly there it should be much more definitive by then. So, we wait and we see.

Last night I couldn't be more convinced that AF wasn't coming and this morning I couldn't be more convinced she's on her way. I probably got my hopes up too much last night and they were completely crushed with my stark white BFN this morning.

We will be moving in October so I keep telling myself it's better that I'm not pregnant because that way I won't have to take it easy when it comes time to move.

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