Friday, August 12, 2011

CD8 of C8

So here we are. Eight days into our 8th cycle of ttc.

I didn't get my pedicure like I planned. Instead I rewarded myself with a meal that I don't usually allow myself because it has too many calories. I will get my pedicure in September though. I have to stop rewarding myself with food. Otherwise I will never get to my goal weight.

I think I will start using my OPKs at CD15. I will also begin drinking my green tea at about CD12.

Yesterday I went through my friend list on FB. Out of my 220ish friends 60 people on there have either welcomed a baby or gotten pregnant within the year we've been trying. That's more than 25% of my FB friends. It frustrates me. It really does.

But I'm trying to be logical about our pregnancy loss in 2009 and also about the fact that I am still NOT pregnant. I'm thankful that I won't have to work outside the home during another pregnancy like I did with the previous ones. Even though each month has been met with sadness and disappointment, it's given me an opportunity for another month of weight loss. More weight loss means a healthier me when I finally do conceive. Also, when we started ttc I started socking away a few bucks a week towards things we would need to purchase before a baby is born. The more time it takes to conceive the more money I'm able to save. We have more than enough to buy a new crib and pretty much everything on my list thus far. Any extra money we set aside that doesn't get used for a new baby's things will go into a college fund for that little one.

I can't continue to lose weight while pregnant. So when I get AF I see it as at least 4 more weeks of being able to shed as many pounds as possible. I'm 11 pounds away from no longer being classified as obese. As much as I want to be pregnant it would be so much better for me and baby to be far enough away from the obese category that any pregnancy weight gain doesn't push me back into dangerous territory. For any of you who don't know I suffered PIH with DS and had to be put on bedrest at 30 weeks and induced at 36 weeks. As a result DS spent a week in the NICU and could never properly breastfeed (which means this poor Mommy pumped for 10 months - which is when my supply finally dried up).

I'm really excited to say that Carrie is my cycle buddy again. I'm hoping we both ovulate around the same time again. Liz is taking a few months off per doctors orders, but hopefully when she can ttc again we will all be cycle buddies again.

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  1. Aww I'm glad you got to reward yourself! I really hope I ovulate this month. Baby dust to us both!!