Thursday, September 1, 2011

CD28 of C8 (13DPO)

I'm so frustrated.

This week I broke down and bought FRERs (first response early result). They are like the Cadillacs of HPTs. I began getting faint but definitely "there" pink lines. I thought awesome, we have the start of something.

This morning I had a huge temp drop, began having regular, strong AF cramps and began spotting. AF is starting. I am defeated yet again.

On that note we will be on a hiatus during September because my husband will be out of town on orders until the very end of the month. I haven't decided if I will keep temping and/or using OPKs during September. I know they aren't neccessary since my DH will be gone, but I will be able to keep track of ovulation and possibly track a pattern.

I will also be trying to get into the GYNO and make sure he feels everything is still in working order.

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