Monday, November 28, 2011

CD3 of C11

We conceived on our 11th cycle of trying with DS. Which just happened to be December of 2007. I'm hoping since our 11th cycle will land us possibly conceiving in December that maybe it will be good luck.

My DH thinks we should start BDing every day as soon as AF is finished. I'm worried that would deplete the swimmers.

I'm just so ready to be pregnant. There were a lot of pregnancy announcements this last cycle. It would be the best Christmas/New Year's and birthday gift to know we were pregnant again.

I did ovulate on CD14 on C10. Which means I'm ovulating usually on CD14 or CD15 now. And my luteal phase has been a consistent 14 days. I know the weight loss has played a part in my ovulating becoming regular again. That's something to be very thankful for.

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  1. my doctor says every other day, just to give swimmers time to regenerate!