Monday, December 26, 2011

We Caught the Egg!

When I started this blog, I didn't really think I'd get any followers. I figured as soon as I actually became pregnant I would be able to blog about it without any concern. But, I began getting followers (which is so awesome) and figured that when the day came of getting my two pink lines, I probably would have to keep my mouth shut for a while. I did not want any family or close friends finding out about a pregnancy by accident or gossip. So, that's why I've not updated sooner. We wanted to wait for awhile and be sure this pregnancy was progressing properly. We also needed time to fill our family in on the news. (If I remember correctly blogger will date my entry for the date I began writing it, and not when it's posted. I will continue to update this blog entry until we've made the official announcement. So, don't worry all my pregnancy entries will NOT be this long.)

But, it is with a heart heavy with joy and excitement that I announce that we are FINALLY expecting an addition to our family.

The most interesting part of this story some of you may already remember. We conceived our son on our 11th cycle of trying which happened to be in December of 2007. This new baby was conceived on our 11th cycle of trying which also happened to be in December. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

I spent the beginning of the month not feeling the best and then my BBT thermometer stopped working properly. I wasn't feeling very well so I didn't do as many OPKs as I should have. So, I have no idea when I ovulated or conceived. But, that was probably in God's plan. I needed to take my eye off the ball long enough for Him to work His magic.

I went on a trip up north with our DS and some out of town family. When I returned it was a Thursday evening and I knew AF should be here on the following Saturday if my cycles were going to stay as regular as they had gotten. So, I took one of my Wondfo HPTs and was shocked when I saw a vague (but totally there) second line. My husband was even able to see it. I decided I would test again in the morning but with his urging I tested again that night and got the same vague line. I've been using Wondfo tests for most of this ttc time and I never have gotten anything quite like this on it. The fact that I got two results in a row like this led me to believe that it could quite possibly be our BFP.

I tested in the morning with FMU. The line was back and slightly more prevalent. I had to go grocery shopping for Christmas dinner and decided I would pick up some FRERs (the Cadillac of HPTs). When I got home my husband and I snuck into the bathroom (a hard task since we had company) and I took the FRER. Right away two beautiful pink lines began appearing.

I continued testing periodically until I felt my lines were getting dark enough that a digi would work properly. It was a thrilling experience to see the word "pregnant" on a test again.

Here is our FRER.

Here is our digi.

This is the progression from the first test I took when I returned from our trip. Note how dark my lines are getting (indicating a build up of hormone in my system).

So, we're thrilled to say the least. This baby will be due around the time Joseph's EDD was. Joseph was supposed to be due 9/10, but was born on 8/14. This baby is due on 9/1.

I'm having a lot of PMS like symptoms right now (I'm currently 4w2d - 12/26/11). My BBs are killing me and I'm pretty emotional and irritable. I'm having cramping, but it's not as intense as AF cramps. I've also been having some cervical pain (I don't remember if I had this with Joseph, but then again when I got pregnant with him I'm sure I had no idea what cervical pain was). I've also been peeing a little more than usual and I seem like I can't ge the "hungry" sensation in my belly to go away. 4w2d (12/26/11)

4w2d (12/26/11)

Today is 12/28/11 and I am currently 4w4d. I've been experiencing a lot of cramping throughout the day. I'm hoping it's a good cramping that means that our little one is burrowing deeply in. I'll be honest, since the miscarriages I'm a little bit more nervous about being pregnant. I so want this child to arrive healthy and safe. I'm looking forward to our first doctor's appt in less than two weeks. It will be nice to have the doctor tell me how everything is looking.

Today is 1/1/12 and I am currently 5w1d. We've been planning on waiting to tell people about the baby until at least after our first doctor's appt. We just wanted to be sure things were still on course. But, our little DS had other plans last night. He spilled the beans to 1/2 the family. So, today we're going to let him tell the other 1/2 of the family so no one is left out of the loop. I know he's super excited and can't blame him for wanting to share the news with everyone. On another note, I'm still experiencing some cervical pain. I hope that's normal at this point. It will definitely be something I ask the OB about next Monday. I had my first episode of getting sick yesterday, but in my defense - I was cleaning up cat vomit. I'm trying to drink lots of water, but I'm peeing so often right now it's making me not want to drink quite so much. I can't even take an 1 1/2 hour nap without waking up half way through to pee. It's interesting that I'm experiencing so much already, because I don't really recall feeling anything besides cramping until I was about 7 weeks with DS.

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  1. OMG!!!!!!! This is wonderful news xoxox I knew it would happen for you soon :-) sounds like how we conceived too YAY so excited for xoxo sending lots of sticky dust!!!!! I'm now 31 weeks and can't wait to watCh you grow your bubba and see his or her arrival